We understand affiliates. We are affiliates too!
You spend a lot of time and a lot of money on for your traffic. For you, every impression count! You know your part, but you want your affiliate network to do their part as-well.
Therefore, our Affiliate Managers are also media buyers. They know how to analyze data. They can give you all the information you need - prior you start sending your traffic - and also helping you to optimize your traffic on delivery.

System and technology
Today, anyone can open an affiliate network. It only takes few minutes to open an account on Hasoffers and Voilà - You have an affiliate network.
We’re not like all others - we've developed our own system.
We use our technology for our internal media buy. We need our systems to work like a clock and to be accurate as hell.
As our affiliate, you use this advanced technology for your traffic.

24/7 support
We understand you! it is most frustrating when you need help and don’t get any response from the other side.
We don’t give you one affiliate manager - All of us are available for you.

Because our internal media buying team is promoting the network’s offers. Our creative team is working to supply unique and fresh creative day and night. Contact your Affiliate Manager from time to time and discover newer creative.

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